Maya Experience

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Join us for the Maya Experience, a week long experience aimed at deepening your love for Africa through the cultural, economic and historical activities. Don’t just watch, live the African experience.


February 1st – February 8th, 2022

Hello my friends, I go by the name Wode Maya, the man with a mission to promote African stories in a positive light. My main objective is to change the negative stereotypes about Africa and to get both African’s and others to travel, live and invest in Africa. Our main aim is to showcase all the 55 countries in the continent of Africa.

The Maya Experience which I have created is to give you a chance to explore Africa with myself and my friends. I am launching this experience with the aim of expanding across Africa and I am starting this journey with my home country Ghana. 

Join me for the Maya Experience, a week long experience aimed at deepening your love for Africa through the cultural, economic and historical activities. Don’t just watch, live the African experience.


February 1st- February 8th 2022 || 7 NIGHTS & 8 DAYS IN GHANA || $3500

Day 1: 1st February- Welcome Home

Welcome to Ghana, my home country, the country that taught me everything I know, the gateway to Africa. First you will check in at the African Regent Hotel, a Ghanaian owned hotel! After your bags are dropped you will join me for  welcoming dinner and drinks with some of my friends, most of whom are successful business owners, and other African Youtubers.

Day 2: 2nd February- Come Explore Accra

On this day you will embrace yourself for an experience through Ghana’s bustling capital with my friend Ivy Prosper. We will start with the most picturesque part of the city- Black Star Gate, followed by the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, an opportunity to hear the powerful story of Ghana’s ultimate freedom fighter who led the nation to independence.

Finally, you’ll stop for a local lunch hosted by Ambassador Bennet, the only Diaspora Ambassador in Africa. This will also be followed by a tour of the Diaspora Africa Forum (DAF).


Hello friends, I encourage you to listen to this song as you journey back to Ghana with me, a song that calls on all our African brothers and sisters all over the world to come back home, give home the best of you, it is possible!

Day 3: February 3rd – Get to know Africa’s greatest entrepreneurs

On this day i want you to meet my entrepreneurial friends, so I’ve given you an array of options to participate in based on personal interest (you can only choose one entrepreneur, i know you want to go for all, but just one.) On this day I want to give you first hand insight into the work of entrepreneurs in Ghana, as well as an opportunity to interact with them and ask personal questions about their journey of building on the continent. If you have an interest in investing into these companies will also have the unique opportunity of starting the conversation on this trip.

Option 1: Shrimp Farm Experience at Ada and private conversation with the founder over lunch.

Option 2: Granite Manufactures Experience in Accra and private conversation with the founders over lunch 

Option 3: Chocolate factory tour and private conversation with founder over lunch

Option 4: Ghana’s first shopping mall and private conversation with founder over lunch

Option 5:  Kokrobite Institute tour and arts & craft activities and lunch with the founders

Day 4: 4th February- Real Estate in Ghana

I make a lot of videos about real estate in Ghana, it remains a very thriving scene within the country, on this day you will have the unique experience of visiting some of Accra’s most rated Real Estate companies with the aim of allowing you to gain an insight into what available homes look like, the cost of them and how to kick start the process of purchase if so desired. 

Day 5: 5th FebruaryRoad to ancestors & lunch with returnees

First stop Kakum National Park for an exciting experience of walking on suspended bridges in the thick of Ghana’s vast forestry. This will be followed by an immersive experience at the Elmina castle, home to a dark yet important historical truth, a place where the memories and cries of our ancestors continue to lay. Guests will be able to reflect on the journey of Africa thus far and gather strength to surge forward in light of the bright futures we have ahead. You will then have a lunch hosted by my returnee friends in Capecoast. Most returnees go to Accra but this group have chosen Capecoast as their settlement of choice. My brother and friend Ekow Simpson will host this lunch alongside the other returnees!

Day 6: 6th FebruaryFree Day to explore Accra

On this day I’m giving you a free day to enjoy Accra as you please, our trusted Sorted Chale team will provide you with a list of fun activities you can get up to on this day.

Day 7: 7th FebruaryGive Back Session and Maya Ball

If you need a covid19 test upon departure today is the day you need to take it!
In the afternoon we head off to our Charity Day (charity to be selected) with my friend Jasmine Ama! For me its important that with every opportunity I have I give back to the community and i want to make sure that as you travel with me you do the exact same thing. 
In the evening, I will join you for our prestigious Maya Ball in a private property in the hills of Aburi! I am inviting all my friends to come along for an intimate night of laughter, great food and stories! A list of attendees will be distributed before your trip to get you acquainted with! Be prepared for amazing views and great conversations!

What Is Included

● Dedicated Sorted Chale hosts

● Air-conditioned airport bus transfers with dedicated driver

● SUV car transfers for small group experiences

● SUV car transfers for small group experiences

● Tips for local community

● Dedicated professional photographer / videographer

● All guide fees

● Welcoming singing & dancing at airport on arrival

● 7 nights overnight accommodation at African Regent Hotel in Accra (Ghanaian Owned hotel)

● 5 nights: Dinner buffet meal with 2 drinks pp (choice of beer / soft drink)

● 7 days: Breakfast buffet meal with 2 drinks pp (choice of juice / soft drink / water / tea / coffee)

● 5 days: Lunch at selected local restaurant with 2 drinks pp (choice of beer / soft drink)

● Snack refreshments on journeys and experiences

● Welcoming drinks reception with drinks and live band music

● Accra City Tour hosted by Ivy Prosper

o Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park entrance

o Black Star Gate guide tips

o W.E.B Du Bois Center

o Accra Art Center

● Real Estate Fair Day (each guest is provided with a selection of one real estate site to explore this will be followed with lunch with the founder)
o Signum Development- Accra
o Ayi Mensah Park – Aburi
o Oasis Properties – Accra
o Gold Coast Group- Accra (smart homes)
● Day with Entrepreneurs (each attendee is required to make a selection of one entrepreneur)
o Biko Chocolate Factory Founder – Jean Adwoa Donkor
o Kokrobitey Institute Founder – Renee C Neblette
o A&C shopping mall Founder – Mr Asamoah
o Granite Manufacturer Founders – Nana Osei Yeboah
● Kakum National Park entrance
o Kakum National Park Canopy Walk pp
● Elmina Castle entrance
o Elmina Castle guide
● Motorcade escort from Capecoast to Accra
● Networking Lunch at Coconut Grove hotel hosted by Ekow Simpson and returnees residing in Capecoast
● Charitable Day Giving hosted by Jasmine Ama
● Maya Ball at Private location in Aburi hosted by Wode Maya and friends invited guest
● Goodbye goodie bags upon departure


● Any additional meals and drinks not listed in the included section
● Any additional alcoholic drinks not listed in the included section
● Any additional activities and entrances not detailed in the included section
● Flights and Visas
● Any hotel spend not included on in the included section
● Any souvenir purchases
● Any additional tips for local community
● Any Add On Entrance tickets to night venues / parties
● Dinner on night 4 & 6

Costs Include:

Seven Nights, Eight Day Accommodations
Single Occupancy or Double Occupancy
Modern Design
Gym Access, WiFi, Pool Access
Late Check Out

Payment Schedule

To secure your place with us, please adhere to the following payment schedule:

Single Occupancy – $3500

Note: If you are traveling alone, please select the single occupancy payment option. This option covers your room and 8 days of experiences.

Non- refundable deposit of $500 due on November 20th
Payment Two of $1000 due on November 30th
Payment Three of $1000 due on December 30th
Payment Four of $1000 due on January 15th

Double Occupancy – $7400
Note:If you are traveling with a companion with whom you are sharing a room, please select the double occupancy payment option. This option covers your room and 8 days of experiences for two.

Non- refundable deposit of $1000 due on November 20th
Payment Two of $2000 due on November 30th
Payment Three of $2000 due on December 30th
Payment Four of $2400 due on January 15th

Deposits are Non-Refundable under all circumstances, we recommend that you read our cancellation policy thoroughly before signing up to this trip. Travel Insurance is highly recommended.


The cancellation policy is detailed in clause 3 of our terms and conditions, where we provide an extensive table containing the cancellation policy and refunds provided. Please see terms and conditions for more information. Please note that all deposits are non-refundable.

All visitors entering Ghana must have valid entry visas. There are two types of visas: Single entry and Multiple entries: Single entry visas are valid for a period of three months and must be utilized within three months from the date of issue. 

This type of visa can be used only one time. Multiple entry visas are valid for more than three months, and the duration is at the discretion of the Consular officer and should not/cannot be challenged. A multiple visa can be used multiple times within its duration or validity. Apply for your visa no earlier than October 3rd and no later than November 26th ( make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months following your return from Ghana, and that you have at least one blank page available for the entry stamp. 

The official Ghana currency is the Ghanaian cedi, with a symbol GH₵ and a code GHS. Expect to see banknotes of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 GH₵. Cash is definitely the best option for you, whenever possible. 

You’ll be able to exchange dollars for Cedi at the hotel – usually better rates are offered for larger bills. Only newly issued USD are accepted. Yet, your best bet for a good rate may be cash withdrawal from ATMs. You can freely use a Visa and MasterCard in Ghana. American Express and Discover cards are rarely, if ever, accepted. Research the fees you may need to pay for using your credit card, as they can 

mount up. Use that opportunity to notify your bank of your travel plans, so they don’t cut you off for fear of fraud. 

There are currently 30 places available for this trip.A waiting list form will also be made available so that once we have reached our capacity, we can reach out to guests on our waiting list should spaces become available in the future. 

Currently [as of June 15th 2021] anyone entering Ghana is required to take a COVID-19 test 72 hours before departure. Tests must be negative before travellers are allowed to board the flight to Ghana. Upon arrival a COVID-19 test is also taken at the Kotoka International Airport. For non-Ghanaian citizens the cost of this is $150 and for Ghanaians & Ecowas Citizens, the cost is $50. 

Yellow Fever vaccinations are required to enter Ghana. Yellow Fever shots are valid for 10 years once administered. You must receive your vaccination no later than December 15th . Because one of the effects of the vaccination can be lowered immunity, it is suggested you receive your Yellow Fever vaccination 3 months prior to travel. There are also a number of recommended vaccinations listed on Be sure to consult your healthcare provider to consider what is best for you and your family and do your own research! We also love the idea of ensuring your immune system is at its peak and operating optimally while traveling. Take steps that feel right for you, under your healthcare provider’s guidance, to fortify and strengthen your system in ways you know works best for your body. We also recommend you take Malaria medicines before arrival to Ghana.

Yes, all travellers are recommended to take out personal travel insurance ahead of the trip. 

The entire experience will be catered for by Sorted Chale, our trusted travel provider in Ghana. Sorted Chale Reps will be available at all times during the trip to provide you with all the assistance you need where possible.

You will have to show their COVID-19 negative result to the assigned Sorted Chale Rep upon arrival. All our reps will be masked and we expect the same from our chales (you) to ensure that we are all protecting ourselves. We will also provide a regular supply of hand sanitisers throughout trips. 

All hotel rooms are single occupancy with king size or queen size bed, if you require a double occupancy facility,  ensure to make the relevant payment before arrival. 

Our payment provider Stripe accepts debit and credit cards from all over the world, given that they are issued by MasterCard, Visa and Verve 

Most definitely! Day 4 provides you with a night to yourself to explore Accra as you please. You also have day 6 free to freely explore Accra or hang out with new friends. Sorted Chale will be on stand-by to assist you with any needs. 

Absolutely! We will provide you with a comprehensive list of the best places to visit and see in Ghana as part of your welcome bundle. You will be fully equipped with all the info you need to explore and enjoy Ghana! Our Sorted Chale reps will also be available to provide you with assistance on any additional information you need upon request. 

Here are a list of recommended items to pack on your trip to Ghana: 

● Sunscreen 

● Mosquito repellant 

● Insect Repellant 

● Good walking shoes 

● An adapter (Ghana mostly has three prongs, UK style outlet, so bring an adapter) ● Bottle for water 

● Outfits for night outs

● Neck pillow for excursions ● Hats 

●A warm heart and kind soul.